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Светлана Беляева.jpg

Svetlana Belyaeva


Лена Кушнир.jpg

Lena Kushnir

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Анна Саган.jpg

Anna Sagan

 Psychotherapist. Anxiety, depression, trauma, difficult relationships, psychosomatic illnesses

Лена Пурло.jpg

Lena Purlo

Practicing psychologist. I work with the topics of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, the consequences of violence.

Ольга Калинина.jpg

Olga Kalinina

I have been a psychologist since 1997. For a long time I was engaged in perinatal psychology, worked in medical organizations, since 2010 I have been conducting a private psychological appointment in parallel. Currently, I conduct the main reception online. I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of the Yaroslavl State University. Completed a professional retraining program in clinical psychology at the Yaroslavl State Medical University. I have training in the approaches of Gestalt therapy, systemic family therapy, EMDR therapy, Somatic Experiencing. What they turn to me for: Crisis life situations. Painful breakups, relationship problems. Health problems associated with psychological causes. Low self-esteem. Dependencies. Anxiety. Difficulties with conception, bearing a child, fear of childbirth, perinatal losses.

Eva Farber.jpg

Eve Farber

 Psychotherapist. Personal consultations for parents and professionals working with children

Елена Зеленковеца.jpg

Elena Zelenkovetsa

Practicing psychologist specializing in two areas, working with the Shadow and working with shock trauma.

Наира Парсаданян.jpg

Naira Parsadanyan

Psychologist, psychotherapist. Working with trauma. Head of psychological service in

Anete Pope.jpg

Annette Pope

Psychotherapy specialists at Anethe.p

Наталья Якушева.jpg

Natalya Yakusheva

Psychotherapist, psychologist

Елена Мошинская.jpg

Elena Moshinskaya

Private psychotherapy practice

Ирина Лягущенко.jpg

Irina Lyagushchenko


Виктория Малахова.jpg

Victoria Malakhova

Psychologist. Crises and traumas. Personality. Relations. A family

Наталия Гроссе.jpg

Natalia Grosse

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist, woman. I create a space where you find the real You.

Оксана Зайкина.jpg

Oksana Zaykina


Татьяна Ярославцева.jpg

Yaroslavtseva Tatiana


Юлия Коротаева.jpg

Julia Korotaeva

Teacher, psychologist, art therapist, body-oriented therapist, trauma therapist, sexologist. Crisis counseling: family crises, loss, psychotrauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

Елена Эннс.jpg

Elena Enns

The teacher is a psychologist.

Алена Данилюк.jpg

Alena Danilyuk

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist, coach.


Natalia Shchankina

Clinical psychologist. Certified psychologist GLE-International (Austria). She was trained in working with trauma and ptsd by Peter Levin's Somatic Experiencing method from Galit Serebrenick-Hai (Israel) .

You can contact me if you are in a difficult relationship (including where there is violence), in grief, loneliness, if you have experienced childhood traumas and you have a difficult relationship with your parents. If you are depressed, anxious or stressed. If you want to change something and improve the quality of your life.

I work online. I can write to WhatsApp +7903-289-3-289 or telegram @Nat1483

Надежда Чибисова.jpg

Nadezhda Chibisova


Елена Протуро.jpg

Elena Proturo


Татьяна Головач.jpg

Tatiana Golovach

Psychologist, trainer, gestalt therapist. Tanguera.

Татьяна Мотевич.jpg

Tatiana Motevich

Family psychologist, gestalt therapist, art therapist in private practice.


Dmitry Podyukov


Марина Малiновська.jpg

Marina Malinovskaya

Family psychologist, trauma therapist-consultant trauma focus therapist, supervisor, trauma focus trainer

Майя Тарасевич.jpg

Maya Tarasevich


Александра Скорикова.jpg

Alexandra Skorikova

Psychotherapist.Works at GMG/Game Master Group. Games that change lives.

Людмила Шульга.jpg

Ludmila Shulga

Body-oriented gestalt therapist, trauma therapist, psychologist - sexologist.

Author and trainer of training programs for psychologists, social and medical workers with experience in 15 countries. Leader of therapy groups.

Author of the project on the regulation of the nervous system "The body in which I live."

Focus of practice: restoration of bodily sensitivity; psychosomatic disorders (chronic pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, autoimmune diseases and other bodily symptoms); co-dependent relationships (with a partner, parents, relatives).

Since 2016, he has been in private practice in Cape Town, South Africa.

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