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Short-term bodily trauma therapy
"Dialogue with the Body";

What you need to know about the technique


Dealing with a trauma can last for years. Short-term body trauma therapy reduces it to just a few sessions.

Instead of treating the consequences of a trauma, we discover and
eliminate its root in 6 clear steps.


The patient is freed from painful flashbacks, regains his resource and stability. His further healing occurs much faster and more effectively.


The protocol is based on the interconnection of consciousness, body, psyche, emotions and instincts. It is effective even if conscious memory of the event is blocked or the trauma occurred during the perinatal period.

How does trauma work?

At the time of a shock event, the body releases stress hormones. They help the psyche concentrate and protect itself. But they also influence how we remember an event.

The brain does not record what is happening completely, but like a puzzle in which there are not enough elements. This fragmentation prevents him from realizing that the event is over.

Any trigger - thought, smell, movement, sound - “throws” the patient into the past. The body and mind react as if the traumatic event is happening again.​

The goal of the 6 Steps Short-Term Trauma Therapy Protocol is to help the brain recognize that the event is over and break the cycle of traumatic reactions.

How protocol “6 step Short-term Somatic Trauma Therapy” works

Trauma and shock events are “imprinted” into the body.
Observing the position of the body in space, its postures and
reactions, you can “read” the history of the traumas experienced.

Even those that happened in childhood or during the perinatal period.

If there is no time for observation, traumas can be identified by
activating them using triggers.

“6 step Short-term Somatic Trauma Therapy” is:

✔️ a chain of triggers that allow you to carefully identify signs of
✔️a set of simple, short exercises that help the brain realize
that the traumatic event is over and free itself from the trauma;

✔️ clear and understandable instructions for the therapist on how to work with both.

I invite you to to master

Short-term bodily trauma therapy technique "Dialogue with the body";

Galit Serebrenick-Hai

Clinical Social Worker (MSW)
Licensed Psychotherapist,
SE Practitioner (SEP)
Developer of the 6-Step Short-Term Trauma Therapy Protocol

What is the basis of my technique?

Dr. Peter Levine and his Somatic Experiencing® method gave me the understanding that trauma is in the body and the key principles for working with it.

On a theoretical level, the protocol is based on the
Polyvagal Theory of Dr. Stephen Porges.


I also studied with Dr. Diane Paul-Heller, Dr. Raja Selvam, Dr. Alina LePierre and other world-class specialists.

My clinical experience and years of practice in a rehabilitation center are another cornerstone of the technique.


Today, the effectiveness of Short-Term Physical Trauma Therapy is confirmed not only by my patients, but also by dozens of experienced mental health proffesionals who have implemented it in their work .

We all need to learn how to deal with trauma quickly

First the lockdown, then the war in Ukraine, led to millions of people
around the world suffering from traumatic experiences and their

Anxiety, depression, loss, chronic stress, post-traumatic conditions -
all this brings enormous suffering to people.

Therapists today need not only long-term treatments,
but also tools to quickly and effectively overcome trauma.

All steps of the protocol are refined and standardized. This allows you to start working with the patient immediately, rather than spending several sessions collecting anamnesis and choosing a technique. And get excellent results in a short time.​​

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