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Self-help for psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals

Online training via Zoom

October 7-8, 2023


Galit Serebrenick-Hai

Clinical Social Worker (MSW)

Licensed Psychotherapist,

SE Practitioner (SEP)

Developer of the 6-Step Short-Term Trauma Therapy Protocol

«This seminar is for dedicated mental health professionals who are tired of living in constant emotional stress and being retraumatized by their clients’ history.

I invite you to:

🟢Recover, heal and regain your balance;

🟢Master new tools for effectively working with your clients’ trauma.»

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These days, many therapists are going through the same traumatic experiences as their clients. They mourn losses, live under the constant threat of missile attacks, constantly worry about their loved ones, or try to build a life in a foreign country from scratch.

When clients’ stories take you back to your own pain, maintaining a helping role can cost a lot of effort. This constant re-traumatization can lead to feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and depression.

In order to support others in their healing journey,
You need to take care of yourself first.
Keep your cup full.

How can you recognize that you suffer
from trauma symptoms or PTSD?

At the training you will master the skills
of healing trauma quickly


You will learn to use the 6-step protocol which support a quick recovery from trauma symptoms.
Trainer and developer - Galit Serebrenick-Hai

The methodology is based on the connection between consciousness, body, psyche, emotions, and instincts. This holistic approach brings healing much faster than conventional body practices.


The protocol has been mastered and successfully tested by dozens of experienced mental health professionals.

How will this training benefit you and your work

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You will finally be free from the grip of trauma.

We will identify triggers associated with traumatic and post-traumatic experiences and address their impact.

You will restore your inner balance and finally start to feel better.


Master the use of the 6- Step Trauma Therapy Protocol.

Together, we will practice as well as analyze the logic and theory behind each step. I will perform two full-session demonstration on the participants and answer all the questions.

This knowledge will help you quickly deal with traumatic experiences in the future. Both as a person and a therapist.


Restore your balance and well-being.

You will re-connect with your inner resources and restore your balance.

This newly acquired knowledge and experience will positively affect both your well-being and your relationships with loved ones, as well as other aspects of your life.  

How can you, as a mental health
benefit from working
with the 6-Step Trauma Therapy Protocol

🟢 You will reconnect with your resourceful and be more emotionally stable

You will become stronger and more supportive of your clients. You will learn new tools that will allow you to help them in complex situations that you have never tackled before.

🟢 Help clients quickly and effectively recover from trauma

At the same time, you will not be re-traumatized by your client’s history. You will be able to stay in your own resources and maintain your inner stability.

🟢 You will strengthen your work practices

By including your own nervous system and sensations in your work, you will strengthen your work practices and gain better insight to the therapeutic process.The proposed protocol is compatible with all existing modalities of therapy*.

🟢 You will be able to work remotely with clients from all around the world

Unlike conventional body practices, the protocol works through verbal communication and does not require touch. It is highly effective online.

*Short-term Somatic Trauma Therapy is based on classical psychological theories. It is NOT SUITABLE for followers of esoteric approaches and those who work more with spirituality than with the body.

How is this training structured?

🟢 We will meet for two consecutive days. The training will be held  online via the Zoom platform.

🟢 No preliminary preparation is required. However, you will benefit more from the training if you are a practicing specialist.


🟢 You will gain hands-on experience in each of the 6 steps of the protocol. At each step, the logic and theory behind it will be thoroughly explained.


🟢 I will conduct several demonstrations on the participants and answer all of your questions.

🟢 You will be able to ask supervision questions regarding your own clients.


🟢 In the last part of the seminar you will be able to practice your newly acquired knowledge in pairs in separate rooms via Zoom.

Important! A 50% discount will be given to graduates of the full 4-module training “Short-term somatic trauma therapy: Dialogue with the Body”. 

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