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Galit Serebrenick-Hai

Clinical Social Worker (MSW)
Licensed Psychotherapist,
SE Practitioner (SEP)
Developer of the 6-Step Short-Term Trauma Therapy Protocol

“Being forced to move without choice or preparation can be truly traumatic. Join me for a one-day
seminar where you will learn and experience new skills that will help you quickly get back on your feet!

You will regain your balance and your ability to feel empowered and enjoy your life";


Get a better understanding of what you are going throug
The trauma of migration

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How can trauma affect a person’s daily life


When a person experiences shock, the body releases stress hormones. While these hormones help us protect ourselves against threats, they might impair memory performance.

As a result, the brain might not be able to fully register the traumatic event, like a jigsaw puzzle in which some of the pieces are missing. This fragmentation prevents the brain from realizing that the event is over.

Any trigger - thought, smell, movement, sound – might “throw” us into the past. At any moment we might feel that the traumatic event is happening again.

To regain your resource and balance, you need to heal from trauma.

To regain your resource and balance, you need to heal from trauma

The seminar is based on the 6-Step Trauma Therapy Protocol for overcoming shock and traumatic situations.
The protocol is based on the connection between consciousness, body, psyche, emotions, and instincts. This holistic approach brings healing much faster than conventional body practices.

How will you benefit from the training

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You will finally break free from the grip of past trauma

By focusing on your breathing and physical sensations, you will help your brain realize that the traumatic event is over.

You will finally be able to relax, think more clearly and make new choices in your life.


Master the 6-Step Short-Term Trauma Therapy Protocol

Together, we will practice as well as analyze the logic and theory behind each step. I will perform a full-session demonstration and answer all the questions.

This knowledge will help you quickly deal with traumatic experiences in the future. Both as a person and a therapist.


Restore your balance and well-being.

You will re-connect with your inner resources and restore your balance.

This newly acquired knowledge and experience will positively affect both your well-being and your relationships with loved ones, as well as other aspects of your life.  

You will start feeling better immediately after the seminar

🟢  You will get rid of anxiety and depression and feel more relaxed.


🟢 Your inner-balance and calmness will help you become more attentive to your loved ones. Your relationships will improve.


🟢 The self-help tools you will receive will help you develop resilience when facing future stressful situations.

The seminar will last one day, and will be help virtually via Zoom.


No preliminary preparation is required.


You will gain hands-on experience in each of the 6 steps of the protocol. At each step, the logic and theory behind it will be thoroughly explained.


I will conduct several demonstrations on the participants and answer all of your questions.


In the last part of the seminar you will be able to practice your newly acquired knowledge in pairs in separate rooms via Zoom.

Important! A 50% discount will be given to graduates of the full 4-module training “Short-term somatic trauma therapy: Dialogue with the Body”.

How is this training structured

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