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Надежда Рехтина.jpg

Nadezhda Rekhtina

Private psychotherapy practice

Екатерина Мельник.jpg

Ekaterina Melnik

Practicing psychologist. Working with 16+ clients. I work with depression, emotional burnout, frequent mood swings, outbursts of aggression, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, psychosomatic disorders, decreased interest in activities and communication, high internal stress, low motivation, low self-esteem, insecurity, codependency . Crises of age and professional, interpersonal (intra-family and other) relationships, I help in finding and finding the desired life path, vocation and goal. I help you develop your communication skills. I teach relaxation techniques.

Елена Ярошкина.jpg

Elena Yaroshkina



Elena Kavtyreva

Psychologist, psychotherapist

Светлана Евсеева.jpg

Svetlana Evseeva


Лариса Огар.jpg

Larisa Ogar

Psychologist, doula at the Family Development Center "Semitsvet"


Valeria Alekseeva

 Psychotherapist. I work with anxiety, boundaries, loss and shock trauma.

Мария Кузьмина.jpg

Maria Kuzmina

Psychologist-consultant at the Charitable Foundation "Light in Hands"

Вероника Морозова.jpg

Veronika Morozova


Christina Kourea.jpg

Christina Curea


Елена Фомичева.jpg

Elena Fomicheva

Clinical psychologist. I advise on the relationship of parents with children and   behavior problems.

Ирина Скутина.jpg

Irina Skutina


Ирина Стасевич.jpg

Irina Stasevich

Family Psychologist - Sexologist, Trauma Therapist, Murray Method Instructor

Юлия Евдокимова.jpg

Julia Evdokimova

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist. Work with psychological trauma, loss and PTSD (MIGIP). I work individually with adults 18+, specializing in developmental trauma, attachment and all the resulting difficulties in the life of adults. Problems. Self-development, personal growth, self-exploration, expanding the range of roles in life.

Eva Ratfeldere.jpg

Eva Ratfeldere

Psychotherapist. Works at Psychotherapist in Private Practice. Riga, Latvia.

Olga Dukova.jpg

Olga Dukova

Psychologist - consultant in the modality of transactional analysis and integrative psychotherapy in Private practice. Moscow city.

Renata Bo.jpg

Renata Bo

 Psychotherapist, psychologist. Chisinau, Moldova.

Ольга Панова.jpg

Olga Panova

Practical psychologist, family consultant, constellator, certified trainer in coaching and Enneagram, professional member of ICTA (International Association of Coaches and Trainers), host of programs for dance and movement therapy  (Minsk).

Veronika Lipska.jpg

Veronika Lipskaya

Psychologist. Riga, Latvia

Екатерина Войникова.jpg

Ekaterina Voynikova


Nina Filimonova.jpg

Nina Filimonova

Practicing psychologist, work experience since 2016, qualification - Gestalt therapist. Basic education - medical. Additional specializations: body-oriented approach, work with psychosomatics in a gestalt approach. Topics with which they come to me: - relationship difficulties  (with oneself and others, child-parent, male-female), - understanding oneself, one's boundaries and needs, - about anger and aggression, - experience traumatic experiences, -living through crises, -understanding what the body says (bodily symptoms and illnesses). I work in person and online (viber, skype). I am in viber, whatsapp, telegram, messenger. +380503563570

Анна Шастина.jpg

Anna Shastina

Family psychologist. I work with teenagers. Counseling in person and online. Moscow city.

Родионова Агата.jpg

Rodionova Agata

Psychotherapist. Ulan-Ude. Russia.

Veronika Selivanova.jpg

Veronika Selivanova

Psychologist. Moscow city

Мария Мамаева.jpg

Maria Mamaeva

Psychologist. Sochi. Russia

Алена Слобода.jpg

Alena Sloboda

Psychologist. I work with panic attacks, anxiety, shock trauma.

Светлана Андреева.jpg

Svetlana Andreeva

Individual psychologist. Trauma, crises, to become good.

Julia Stadnytska.jpg

Julia Stadnitskaya


Григорий Ануфриев.jpg

Grigory Anufriev


Катерина Вербова.jpg

Katerina Verbova

Psychotherapist (graduated from the National Medical University). I work in the existential direction and also use the technique of emotional modeling. Problems I work with: - Codependent relationships - Abuse - Problems with self-esteem - Difficulties in communication - Anxiety and depressive disorders - Help in ending relationships - Panic attacks.


Tatiana Mamenko


Наталья Лазарева .jpg

Natalia Lazareva

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist, supervisor, lecturer at the Moscow Gestalt Institute. Experience 20 years.

Milda Urboniene.jpg

Milda Urbonien

Psychotherapist. Vilnius, Lithuania

Ольга Кожина.jpg

Olga Kozhina

Psychologist. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Dilara Umnyashkina.jpg

Dilara Umnyashkina

Clinical psychologist, private practice. Online and in person.

Юлия Пирогова.jpg

Julia Pirogova


Дарья Негурица.jpg

Daria Neguritsa


Ольга Саковская.jpg

Olga Sakovskaya

Gelstatt therapist. Yaroslavl, Russia

Татьяна Горовая.jpg

Tatiana Gorovaya

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist according to the method of Catatim-Imaginative psychotherapy, Supervisor. Moscow city

Оксана Боголюбова.jpg

Oksana Bogolyubova

Psychologist. Yekaterinburg city

Нина Клименко.jpg

Nina Klimenko

Gelstat psychotherapist. Minsk

Анастасия Чалая.jpg

Anastasia Chalay

Psychologist, family systemic therapist, art therapist, Eft-therapist. I help women and couples get out of the crisis, bring love back into their lives and build harmonious relationships. I work with the theme of interpersonal relationships, psychological trauma, personal boundaries, as well as the theme of love and self-acceptance. In person and online. Private practice Moscow

Ирина Кузнецова.jpg

Irina Kuznetsova

Psychologist. Moscow city

Галина Акжигитова.jpg

Galina Akzhigitova

Clinical psychologist, physical therapist.


Olena Parish



Lama Isma



Svetlana Lipina


Наталья майорова 1_edited.jpg

Natalia Mayorova

Psychoanalytic psychologist. Arranger.. RPT processor.

Оксана Бондаренко.jpg

Oksana Bondarenko

I have been working in private psychotherapy practice since 2015. The approach is integrated, the tools are different, we decide with the client together in the course of work, depending on the request and his personal capabilities-features. I work with PTSD, Panic Attacks, child-role relationships, existential crises. At the Odessa Med. I completed a course in propaedeutics of psychiatry at the University with practice at the Odessa Psychiatric Hospital, so I successfully manage clients with depression, suicidal episodes, and eating disorders.

Olga Ivashova.jpg

Olga Ivashova

Psychologist teacher. St. Petersburg

Yulia Ilchik.jpg

Julia Ilchik

Arranger, family and personal counselor. I work with problems in relationships, goals, interaction with the world and self-perception. Incl. with stress, impotence, low self-esteem, low energy and motivation, crises, trauma, increased anxiety and clamps in the body. In addition to a systematic approach, in counseling I use transforming meditations and Somatic Experiencing, which allows me to find good solutions at several levels at once: mental, psychic, physical and energy. Originally from Kyiv, I live in the USA. I work in Ukrainian, Russian and English. I consult online, incl. I conduct individual online arrangements.

Надежда Чибисова_edited.png

Nadezhda Chibisova

Integrative trauma therapy, work with adolescents, situations of domestic violence (sexual violence, abuse, gaslight), psychosomatics.

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